The Silent Lesson

One day during my second semester as a part-time seminary teacher, a student named Mindy came into class and asked, “Brother Hilton, are we going to do a silent lesson this year?” When I told her that I had never heard of a silent lesson, she said, “Brother Kirkham just taught a silent lesson, and I heard it was really awesome. You should ask him how to do it.”

Wanting to be a good seminary teacher, I approached Brother Kirkham and asked him to teach me about silent lessons. He obliged, and I began regularly using them in a variety of gospel settings, including seminary lessons, Young Men and Young Women classes, institute courses, BYU religion classes, Especially for Youth sessions, and Education Week classes. Silent lessons provide a unique way to help students have an in-class experience that helps them connect directly with the scriptures and the Spirit.

While some teachers already use silent lessons, many may not be familiar with this approach. I recently wrote an article for The Religious Educator called “The Silent Lesson,” that explains what these lessons are and how they can be created. As part of the article, I also posted a version of a silent lesson online, for illustration purposes. I hope it can be a helpful catalyst in getting others to think about how to effectively utilize silent lessons. You can see more here. Read the article and explore the silent lesson! I hope the idea of silent lessons can be a blessing in your life, if it isn’t already.

Note: if you are using a Mac, it may not play properly. However, I found an article online that has helped some Mac users make it work; hopefully it is helpful!

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